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Live the life you were destined

to Live

Your Journey to Wellness 

Reiki, Energy Healing & Wellness Coaching with Susie Parker

Nicole P

"Thank you Susie Parker for your lovely Reiki session today. It was so relaxing I fell asleep immediately and wished it could have lasted longer !I feel happier, more balanced and very refreshed. "

Jasmina K

"I loved my Reiki session ! It was deeply relaxing and I could feel a warm energy flowing through my body. You made me feel very supported and able to open up about many physical & emotional issues that had been troubling me.

Thank you Susie"


Claudia A

"Thank you Susie for making me feel so welcome & comfortable throughout my Reiki session. I am feeling absolutely amazing and so happy and would definitely recommend and come back to you if I’m in a little rut again. "


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