Image by Jared Rice

Susie Parker BA

Certified Reiki Practitioner,
Energy Healer & Wellness Coach

"I truly believe that Life is short,

that Life is what you make it,

and that you have a choice to make your Life the happiest, healthiest and most inspiring adventure you can possibly envision."

After a diverse and vibrant international career in the Arts & Corporate world, Susie has returned to her lifelong passion for Natural Healing and Wellness.

Intrigued by the mysteries of life, Susie was inspired to educate and immerse herself in the world of natural healing and holistic practices while recovering from her own profound healing journey.

At 22, while modelling in Japan, she contracted a rare virus and was thrown into St Vincents Hospital with chronic fatigue, heart inflammation and a host of relentless symptoms that took years to resolve.


It was the self-healing actions she took during this time and a firm belief in the mind, body and soul's innate ability to heal itself that led her not only to recover and thrive, but to work alongside traditional medicine and heal herself for the rest of her life.

Susie is a certified member of the Australian Reiki Connection and has been attuned through the Usui system of Reiki. 

She is also a certified Wellness Coach and feels passionate about helping people find or rediscover their path back to wellness and a happier, more fulfilled life.​​​


" The Purpose of our Lives
is to be 
Happy "
- Dalai Lama -